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The 2nd Annual Online Track & Field Coaches Clinic

2011 Championship Online Track and Field Coaches Clinic
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See Sample Videos!

Sorry, the 2011 Online Track & Field Clinic is no longer available

(Please Note: Online Clinic Registrations are NOT available over the phone, you must register through the web site!)
Online Clinic Benefits...
  • World renowned speakers!
  • Over 15 hours of track & field instruction!
  • Watch from the comfort of your own home at a time that is most convenient for you!
  • Watch the sessions over and over to better absorb every last detail!
  • No travel, hotel & food expenses!
  • Save a personal day!
Save over $350!
Normal Clinic Costs:
  • Clinic Fee = $100+
  • Travel = $100+
  • Hotel = $100+ / night
  • Food = $100+ / 2 days
  • Sub Teacher = $100+ / day
  • Total Cost = $500+ You Save Over $350!
17 World Class Sessions
  1. Workouts that Work! Sprint Training for 400M & Down - Amy Deem
  2. Balancing Speed and Endurance Training for 800 and 1500 Greatness! - Chris Bucknam
  3. Proven Drills and Progressions for Your Glide Shot Putters - David Dumble
  4. Technique and Training for Success in the 300/400M Hurdles - Amy Deem
  5. Melding Explosive Power with Technique for the Long Jump - Jake Jacoby
  6. Sprint Training and Technique: Developing an Explosive Block and Drive Phase - Lawrence Johnson
  7. Discus Throw: How to Train your Eyes to Enhance the Good and Correct the Bad - David Dumble
  8. Drills and Strategies for Simplifying Sprint Hurdle Technique - Lawrence Johnson
  9. Perfection Before Progression: A Practical Approach to Improving Your High Jumpers - Jake Jacoby
  10. The Diamond Model for Training Distance Runners: A Proven Method! - Will Freeman
  11. How and When to Transition from Glide to Rotational Shot Put - David Dumble
  12. Incorporating Speed, Power, and Strength Development into your High School Track and Field Program - Joey Woody
  13. Mechanics and Training for the Pole Vault - Will Freeman
  14. Great Relays! Technique, Drills, and Race Strategies - Lawrence Johnson
  15. How to Individualize Cross Country Training to Meet the Varying Needs of Your Athletes - Chris Bucknam
  16. Truths and Team Building in Track & Cross Country - Will Freeman
  17. How to Improve all Three Phases of the Triple Jump - Jake Jacoby
World Renowned Speakers
  • Chris Bucknam
    University of Arkansas Men's Cross Country and Track and Field Head Coach
  • Amy Deem
    2012 USA Olympic Coach; University of Miami Director of Track and Field/Cross Country
  • Lawrence Johnson
    Clemson University Director of Track & Field and Cross Country
  • Joey Woody
    University of Iowa Assistant Track & Field Coach
  • Will Freeman
    Grinnell College Head Track and Field and Cross Country Coach
  • David Dumble
    Arizona State University Assistant Coach / Men's & Women's Throws
  • Jake Jacoby
    University of Louisviille Assistant Coach / Jumps
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