Championship Volleyball Coaches Clinic Notes

pdf Featured Clinic Speakers

Clinic Notes:
pdf Clemens: Creative Design Practices
pdf Clemens: Training the Setter
pdf Clemens: Winners and Whiners
pdf Dagenais: 15 Ways to Maximize the Libero
pdf Dagenais: Coverage
pdf Dagenais: Match-Ups
pdf Dagenais: Scouting Report
pdf Dagenais: Serve Receive Patterns
pdf Dagenais: Serve Receive Training
pdf DeBoer: Developing Leadership Skills
pdf DeBoer: Statistics
pdf Johnson-Lynch: Building Belief
pdf Johnson-Lynch: Rapid Fire Favorites
pdf McDaniel: Defensive Training for Height-Challenged Teams
pdf Meeker: Brain Games for Better Play
pdf Petersen: Integrating Fun into Competitive Drills

Post-Clinic Notes:
pdf DeBoer: Developing Leadership in Female Teams
pdf DeBoer: Statistics
pdf Petersen: Integrating Fun into Competitive Drills
pdf Clemens: Team Motivational Activities